Theater Shootings…

Guys, I was reading on the news yesterday about a bunch of shootings that take place in movie theaters. Can you explain to me, what kind of moron would want to disturb performances on stage? Why go into a movie theater? Not that I prefer it, but shopping malls would be better. I mean I’m not trying to make sense of these killers, but honestly, the movie theater is where someone goes to relax and see something good on screen. Often times, there are many children present, that although may not be harmed, are traumatized by the experience. Do these people have no consideration for anything?

It gets even more terrifying if you are a performer. Because when someone walks into the movie theater, most likely the first people he/she will see will be on stage performing. If it’s a movie on the screen it’s a different story. But now I hear they crash into real live theatrical performances with regular actors on stage. What is wrong with people? Of course shootings and such violence shouldn’t take place anywhere, but movie theaters are like holy grounds.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here. so what I will do in this article is provide some anti shooting approaches to help minimize victims. If theaters are a common target, then these places should consider private security fully equipped and heavily armed read to take down any moron ready to do harm. There should be cameras all over the place, and security officers at all exits. On top of that, there should be detailed and thorough looks for people with a criminal record. If a weapon is found during the security search, then there should be proof of license and kind of a “stab” on that person’s personal details (like a background check etc.) Not that everyone that holds guns plans to use them, but if there is someone suspicious, there should be at least a couple of armed officers paying attention to every step that person takes. As I said before, it’s more of a terror problem than anything else. Families can get so terrified and create a bunch of psychological problems for children and their loved ones. Imagine being 8 years old, and being present in such an unfortunate event: you may not be able to recover after something like this.

I really hope people start understanding that this is a national epidemic…not just a few instances a year. Movie theaters should be put through security tests and exams to be able to prevent intruders.

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