Visual Effects In Hollywood Movies

So as I promised in the latest article this article will focus more on the general audience and not just actors and people looking to get involved with the movie business professionally. In this article I will talk about visual effects in movies, those great explosions you see in movies along with the computer added effects

As you probably can understand, the technology used in today’s movies is much more different than 40 years or even 20 years ago. Back then, it all had to be done manually with real explosions and materials. Or when you look at a James Bond movie from 20 years ago and today, if you watch carefully you will notice the cars flipping in a much different way. That is because today it’s all computerized and with added visuals. The greatest difference is in the way explosions are done (say of a building) as today you get these massive explosions. You see for example the gangsters trying to dynamite a casino and tear it down to the ground. Any engineer can understand that it’s fake the way it’s done. But for the average viewer, it’s just another glamorous and fancy scene. The owner of ​Atlanta Demolition Services one called all these effects “faker than the fake actors” acting in the movies. His comment had to do of course with the fact that from an engineering standpoint, it isn’t possible for a building to get a massive explosion and for people around it to survive the blast.

Although these movie production companies get a log of advisers/consultants they still miss a few spots here and there. Basically the way explosions and demolitions of tall buildings are portrayed is fake. It’s not that such explosions or wrecks couldn’t happen in real life. It’s just that Jake the star of the film, wouldn’t be able to make it alive out there. You get all the flying debris that is like a grenade exploding and chopping off heads. It’s just not possible for people to survive those instances. Also for someone to be able to put so many kilograms of powder and dynamite, would required great organizational skills, to be greatly coordinated and to have a solid dose of luck for it to be successful.

But we all like those effects, whether those are real or fake right? That is the beauty of Hollywood. When someone gets shot and it takes him 45 minutes of the film to die, you understand that it’s fake. But the thrill, the anxiety and the agony is something that keeps you interested. Many times you will notice other people saying “this was too much Hollywood” but there you go again, and see them in the movie theater. People like being lied to as long as the plot keeps on flowing and makes sense generally speaking. Having said that though, more and more people are getting demanding with the visuals. 

Think of the number of people that liked science fiction movies a few years ago. As years go by, more and more people want to see real things: not aliens from a desert planet invading earth. I think people want nowadays to see on TV something that reflects their every day lives. And that is of course much different compared to what our fathers and grandparents wanted to see. Back then it was “something that doesn’t reflect every day problems and brings more hope.” Maybe because things are so peaceful today, we can to see a little bit of disaster…and what better way to do that, than showing reality and the real problems in today’s society? Films tend to get today very philosophical, posing theoretical problems or what other people would call “food for thought.” Also a lot of it has to do with politics too.

But let’s get back to visual effects: we wouldn’t be able to enjoy Star Trek without the computerized effects that existed back then. So we should be glad of the way technology has improved the quality of our entertainment. I want to hear from you now though. Please reach out and make sure you are honest about your views on this site. Believe me, getting your honest feedback is only going to help me improve the articles I write. After all, if I wanted to just craft posts so I read them myself, I wouldn’t do it on the Internet. Also don’t forget to come back for more.