Going Into Movies For The Money…Worth It?

This article although again it seems to focus on the performers and not the audience (sorry audience) it really answers the question all of us have about acting and the money that comes with it. If you type in Google big stars and look at their net worth, it seems very glamorous and a great opportunity. But in reality when you are just starting out, you need to see how much does the average actor out there make. And I’m not talking about the average bad actor. I am talking about people that are seeing progress in their acting careers…how much do they make?

The answer is not much. And to make things even worse, they live in an extremely difficult state financially. California is perhaps the most expensive state to live in and especially L.A is probably one of the most expensive cities after NYC and maybe San Francisco. So if Hollywood were based in Texas, maybe it would be easier…right? Well one of the reasons it is so expensive in that part of the world is because of the success of Hollywood which has attracted wealthier people that can afford the luxuries and expensive state taxes. Also the political system there doesn’t help much, but that is a different story to be discussed at a different time. 

Getting back to you the actor, who is looking to make ends meet, most likely you will want to work a regular job while performing your auditions. I mean if you get to a point where you simply don’t have enough time to work a job, that means 2 things:

  1. You are fully booked and thus are making some money to get by
  2. You are fully booked and are being paid s**** money so you can’t afford anything.

In any case, you need to make sure you improve your situation and get yourself in shape. Unfortunately one of the main things that will determine for how long you will stay in this rat race, is your financials. If you can stick out rough times, you have greater chances for success. Unfortunately, it only takes one little ounce of luck to make that breakthrough. So the longer you stick around, the greater your possibilities.

Getting back to the original question: I wish I could tell you to go into acting for the money, but the bitter truth is you probably won’t make as much as those top stars do. If you get ahead of the pack that is a different story, however if you just follow the crowd in a “sheep” way you will get slaughtered. If you are looking to make a lot of money, you probably want to get involved in business (any kind.) Acting is just such a long road to success. And you also have to deal with other things like critics. It can eat you and spit you back out. You need to have a tough and strong stomach to be able to get through all the difficult times: whether financial or emotional (these 2 go hand in hand too.)

It’s totally okay for you to want to get into any industry for its money. Don’t listen to the morons that are still living in their mother’s basements. My point here is, acting doesn’t have much money unless you get that breakthrough. Your average acting job will be some tabloid commercial or some diabetes skit that will be shown maybe on the local channel. That is the problem – you won’t get easily into the high budget movies. And even if you do, you may end up in those that are bad for your reputation. This is one other thing you want to pay attention to: don’t just sign up for every movie. Because if you are playing a bad role in one movie, it won’t help with your next audition. Make sure you are strategic and smart about the way you approach your auditions and role parts.

In order to avoid the creating a separate article about fame, I will get that clear here too: you can become famous pretty much in any industry and in any way possible. Becoming famous is perhaps the easiest thing you can do. Remember: bad publicity is good publicity. If you hand at the top of Trump Tower in NY you will get publicity. The thing is you need to know how to handle it and how to monetize it or use it to your advantage, instead of just being thrown into a prison cell for a night. Do something stunning that will get you boarder line into trouble and will be picked up by the media. Media can be both your ally (in such cases) and an enemy when it comes to critics. Make sure you make them your ally in as many cases as possible. Or even if they talk s*** about you, make sure again you take advantage of that opportunity and monetize it. Moreover: create a brand!

I appreciate you all spending time this Wednesday in reading the blogs. If you want the full list of the latest blogs, here they are. I want to listen to your concerns and your take on financial and fame worth of pursuing an acting career.

Below is a very interesting video that helps with some tips for actors.