Being Sober In Hollywood

So in the latest post today I briefly mentioned the importance of losing your loser friends: everyone that drinks, does drugs or lives horrible lifestyles. This article is also going to be focused on actors and stage performers. There is a very common misconception that artists need to be stoned a little bit or even hammered. The say that it keeps them creative and that a lot of the great success stories in fact did a lot of drugs during their success.

Well…if you really look at reality, you will see that those successful stars started doing drugs after their success and not during the point they were creating it. First of all, most of them wouldn’t have the financial ability to consume such large amounts of prohibited substances. But on top of that, they wouldn’t be able to focus on set and perform well. So if you are looking up to say Robert Downey Jr. and are saying “but he has done a ton of drugs himself” then read the full story again, and see that those years came way after the success he had with movies such as Iron Man etc. It isn’t possible for someone to be able to create such success when his mind is on “where can I get my next fix.”

I know many times Hollywood looks glamorous with all the drinking but:

  • Most of it is Hollywood too (so not 100% true)
  • The losers are the ones doing the drugs and booze
  • Whoever gets involved in that, soon regrets it at the bottom of a barrel

You may think I’m kidding, but you can’t imagine how many people have lost their careers, their families and even their own children (at an older age) because of alcohol or drug abuse. Now when I say abuse, I am not saying it is okay to even try booze or drugs. I am saying however that when people become addicts, they just lose control and destroy both themselves and everyone around them (but mostly themselves.) You need to keep fighting with a daemon inside that tells you to take the next dose or bottle of whiskey. It’s an everlasting war and conflict of emotions, thoughts and personalities. If you ever decide to go down the drug route, know that “Timmy” won’t be the same after that and will be 100X worse than the current Tim (and that if he avoids doing Tim.) Elizabeth, that was looking to have a beautiful family will not only look 100X worse, but won’t be able to have healthy children or will need to raise them on the streets. I mean if these are things you want for yourself then go for it. I really don’t understand why you would want to end up like that though.

Getting back to actors: you need to understand that this is a job. The same way the average field of work out there does not accept alcoholics and drug addicts, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get involved while pursuing an acting career (and even after that.) Believe me, it’s just going to set you back if not help you go broke. Life and Hollywood is already tough the way it is…why would you want to make it tougher for you? It doesn’t make any sense: not to me and hopefully not to you.

Enough with the preaching however. Because I know some younger actors are reading my blogs, I just want to make sure I do my part in advising you correctly so you don’t end up lonely and broke, like so many people have. And to be honest, no one out of the blue decides to get into the drug and booze world: it usually happens through friends. Which is why I say: lose your loser friends. They will such the living life out of you and waste tons of years in stupidity. Hangout with better looking people than you, more talented people than you, healthier people, better people…you get my point. They will raise you up to the top. Humans work in a very imitating way. We all try and look like someone or look up to someone. So make sure you get your idols straight and those icons are healthy ones for you to want to follow. Don’t go down the rabbit hole that doesn’t lead anywhere.

Guys, I really am not trying to preach to you. I have children myself and say the same exact thing. It just saddens me to see so many people lose their lives and opportunities for stupid behavior and nonsense lifestyles. That is all. Because I value you all so much, I just want to make sure non of my readers ever gets hurt in life. That is one of the purposes of this whole site. I know you may have a ton of questions for me, so that is why I urge you to ask. Get it off your chest and let’s maybe even talk over the phone if I can help you in any way.