Career In Theater VS Movies?

So after I completed the latest blog it suddenly struck me…there are probably a bunch of young people looking to get something, some piece of advice from this blog. Many young people looking to become performers/entertainers are also considering a path in acting regardless if that is in movies or in theater.

My purpose in this article will be to give you some pros and cons for each of the above selections. If you are looking to get into movies and aren’t located in California, prepare your suit case and start travelling.

Basically if you are at all interested in becoming a Hollywood actor, you really need to start meeting people. Just talent unfortunately isn’t enough and you need to know people, hook up with good managers and audition like crazy for roles that you either like or do not. Becoming an actor, regardless of your age is a great step in anyone’s life with a lot of difficulties: your days will be like a roller coaster…up and down. One day you will feel like you had a breakthrough with an audition you got and the other you will get a call from your manager saying “no go.” The different emotions that fill you, can really crush the weaker souls…which is why only the tough cookies every make it into movies. On the other hand, movies and acting is a lot more rewarding. How many people do you know that are theater performers that are living in Beverly Hills? Well…no many. And that is because people generally prefer movies (a lot of them actually download them/steal them that’s why) than live on-stage performances.

Having said that however, getting involved in theater performance doesn’t mean you need to be on the road all the time. You can pretty much start in your own home town, instead of going straight for NYC. It will allow you to gain experiences, train in live performances, and keep the ball rolling for that time when you get a good audition offer (hopefully in NYC.) In movies, you don’t really have many opportunities to “give it a shot.” You pretty much need to be prepared for when that great time comes, and you audition for a big role. There are no preparation phases.

The great thing about theater, is the variety of topics being portrayed. In movies, you pretty much have the same ol’ love story, or the character that is being chased by all the intelligence agencies in the US etc. Also there is a lot of science fiction in there, which many actors frown upon. In theater, you pretty much have some more traditional topics like family, every day living and that often includes a lot of drama or comedy to the scene. So if you aren’t good say at love stories, you have a great variety of theater opportunities to audition for. Although a good actor is one that can flip roles the same way he changes shirts, not everyone has that great talent. So for anyone that is leaning more towards a specific type of role-playing, then theater is probably your best shot. I don’t want you though – with that statement – to undervalue theater or consider it to be easier than movies. It’s a completely different thing, and frankly you can’t compare the two.

Guys, just follow what you think is best for you. And don’t be afraid to experiment. If you are out in Tennessee, spend some time in California and meet with people. There is a lot of competition out there, but also a lot of loving people that don’t mind giving a helping hand. If you are looking for longevity, then non of the 2 options are good for you. Honestly, this is as cut – throat as this industry can possibly get. Look at how many actors have been wiped off the face of the earth (poetically speaking) or faded away in time. This is in no way a secure industry and only works for people that are both talented and willing to take some risks. So regardless of whether you want to go down the theater or the movie path, you need to ask yourself if you even want to you see yourself in this community.

I really do help this has helped someone out there, struggling to find answers for himself. Unfortunately, no other than yourself can provide you with the answers. I guess my greatest piece of advice would be: experiment. Especially if you are young, you got space to make mistakes. You will learn from them and move on. Don’t be afraid and keep looking forward.

Hope to see you in more blogs. Stay connected and ask questions.