Main Difference Between Live Performance And Movies

Before we get this interesting topic started, I just wanted to say I’m really sorry for not posting something a little bit sooner. It has been like 2 weeks since the first introductory post, and part of that reason is my fault. I know I promised to be very consistent – but just had so much work at our theater (which is good.)

So the topic of today’s article will focus on the main differences between live stage performances (traditional theater) and what we know today as being movies (Hollywood productions.) Some of these are very easy, but what I’m hoping to achieve is strike a nerve in your brains so that you come up with some extra ideas. Of course, I always like hearing those.
I guess kind of the main that thing that makes stage performances and movies different, is the real time factor. When you are on stage as an actor, there is no time for “oops, sorry.” There have been many occasions when people were booed off the stage. You don’t really get that on movies. Although producing a movie costs a lot of money and with every take it costs the production company even more, generally speaking actors can have a few shots there without being very stressed about the whole thing. The problem with real life performances is that the audience is very demanding. Now to be fair, all audiences are demanding, but when somebody pays $20 for his ticket, they expect top notch performance with minimal mistakes. So that puts extra pressure on the actors, who it makes sense, are very nervous during their performance.

A mistake on stage, has an immediate negative response: fellow actors start sweating, the crowd is watching in disappointment and the producer is just pulling his hair. Just the thought of that, is terrifying to be honest. Having said this however, people also are understanding and considerate when it comes to live performances VS movies. When a movie is produced and is bad, people are very judgmental because they have a true mentality in the lines of: they had all this time to prepare – why are they wasting my time? But when it comes to real life theater, people understand that we are all human and mistakes are made. On top of that, many people enjoy these fresh performances which are some times very unpredictable. When a theatrical sketch is going on and some kind of a mistake is made, it is always very interesting how the performers try and get away with it. That is part of the talent. So it always keeps things interesting and very entertaining.

Especially when it comes to comedy shows, people will have a great big laugh when the actor makes fun of a mistake or tries and twists the lines to make it all sound good. Many times, a few of the greatest and most talented theatrical actors have risen from the pack because of such twists and flexibility.

A great problem with real life performances, is that you need to put up with the person chewing gum next to you, or the little baby crying or even the young child fighting with his sibling. At the comfort of your own home, you don’t really have that. When I say comfort of your own home (watching a movie) I don’t mean stealing it off torrents but actually buying the DVD. That is because if I said movie theater, you would say “but the little baby crying can also exist there too.” A great advantage in movies, is that with the help of technology, it can bring in a lot of scientific extras which make things more interesting. In real stage performances, the greatest innovative thing would be perhaps a smoke bomb or pyrotechnics.

What about you? What do you prefer and why? Make sure you say so in the comments below and always remember to come check us out again in the future.

Below I found a very interesting video. Don’t watch at night!