Theater Shootings…

Guys, I was reading on the news yesterday about a bunch of shootings that take place in movie theaters. Can you explain to me, what kind of moron would want to disturb performances on stage? Why go into a movie theater? Not that I prefer it, but shopping malls would be better. I mean I’m not trying to make sense of these killers, but honestly, the movie theater is where someone goes to relax and see something good on screen. Often times, there are many children present, that although may not be harmed, are traumatized by the experience. Do these people have no consideration for anything?

It gets even more terrifying if you are a performer. Because when someone walks into the movie theater, most likely the first people he/she will see will be on stage performing. If it’s a movie on the screen it’s a different story. But now I hear they crash into real live theatrical performances with regular actors on stage. What is wrong with people? Of course shootings and such violence shouldn’t take place anywhere, but movie theaters are like holy grounds.

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Visual Effects In Hollywood Movies

So as I promised in the latest article this article will focus more on the general audience and not just actors and people looking to get involved with the movie business professionally. In this article I will talk about visual effects in movies, those great explosions you see in movies along with the computer added effects

As you probably can understand, the technology used in today’s movies is much more different than 40 years or even 20 years ago. Back then, it all had to be done manually with real explosions and materials. Or when you look at a James Bond movie from 20 years ago and today, if you watch carefully you will notice the cars flipping in a much different way. That is because today it’s all computerized and with added visuals. The greatest difference is in the way explosions are done (say of a building) as today you get these massive explosions. You see for example the gangsters trying to dynamite a casino and tear it down to the ground. Any engineer can understand that it’s fake the way it’s done. But for the average viewer, it’s just another glamorous and fancy scene. The owner of ​Atlanta Demolition Services one called all these effects “faker than the fake actors” acting in the movies. His comment had to do of course with the fact that from an engineering standpoint, it isn’t possible for a building to get a massive explosion and for people around it to survive the blast.

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Going Into Movies For The Money…Worth It?

This article although again it seems to focus on the performers and not the audience (sorry audience) it really answers the question all of us have about acting and the money that comes with it. If you type in Google big stars and look at their net worth, it seems very glamorous and a great opportunity. But in reality when you are just starting out, you need to see how much does the average actor out there make. And I’m not talking about the average bad actor. I am talking about people that are seeing progress in their acting careers…how much do they make?

The answer is not much. And to make things even worse, they live in an extremely difficult state financially. California is perhaps the most expensive state to live in and especially L.A is probably one of the most expensive cities after NYC and maybe San Francisco. So if Hollywood were based in Texas, maybe it would be easier…right? Well one of the reasons it is so expensive in that part of the world is because of the success of Hollywood which has attracted wealthier people that can afford the luxuries and expensive state taxes. Also the political system there doesn’t help much, but that is a different story to be discussed at a different time. 

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Being Sober In Hollywood

So in the latest post today I briefly mentioned the importance of losing your loser friends: everyone that drinks, does drugs or lives horrible lifestyles. This article is also going to be focused on actors and stage performers. There is a very common misconception that artists need to be stoned a little bit or even hammered. The say that it keeps them creative and that a lot of the great success stories in fact did a lot of drugs during their success.

Well…if you really look at reality, you will see that those successful stars started doing drugs after their success and not during the point they were creating it. First of all, most of them wouldn’t have the financial ability to consume such large amounts of prohibited substances. But on top of that, they wouldn’t be able to focus on set and perform well. So if you are looking up to say Robert Downey Jr. and are saying “but he has done a ton of drugs himself” then read the full story again, and see that those years came way after the success he had with movies such as Iron Man etc. It isn’t possible for someone to be able to create such success when his mind is on “where can I get my next fix.”

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Theater Talent VS Trained Actor

Okay this is a very common question that I get asked (by the way, you can send your questions here) so I will try and cover it in this article. The common debate is: do actors and theater performers need to be trained or is it a natural talent that you either got or not?

To give you an answer in short (although it’s still worth to read the rest of this article) I would say that it’s a lot different than say 50 years ago. Back then there was not much competition when it came to acting, and most people that were working in movies or theatrical sketches were gifted people that wanted to chase after that talent they were given from above. After the boom of Hollywood however and the tremendous success, both financial and reputation, more and more people wanted to become actors. So that means that the industry attracted people that weren’t necessarily that much gifted from God with an acting talent, but rather worked on it to become good at it. So that means basically, that a less talented person, can wipe out all the talent assuming that he works harder.

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Career In Theater VS Movies?

So after I completed the latest blog it suddenly struck me…there are probably a bunch of young people looking to get something, some piece of advice from this blog. Many young people looking to become performers/entertainers are also considering a path in acting regardless if that is in movies or in theater.

My purpose in this article will be to give you some pros and cons for each of the above selections. If you are looking to get into movies and aren’t located in California, prepare your suit case and start travelling.

Basically if you are at all interested in becoming a Hollywood actor, you really need to start meeting people. Just talent unfortunately isn’t enough and you need to know people, hook up with good managers and audition like crazy for roles that you either like or do not. Becoming an actor, regardless of your age is a great step in anyone’s life with a lot of difficulties: your days will be like a roller coaster…up and down. One day you will feel like you had a breakthrough with an audition you got and the other you will get a call from your manager saying “no go.” The different emotions that fill you, can really crush the weaker souls…which is why only the tough cookies every make it into movies. On the other hand, movies and acting is a lot more rewarding. How many people do you know that are theater performers that are living in Beverly Hills? Well…no many. And that is because people generally prefer movies (a lot of them actually download them/steal them that’s why) than live on-stage performances.

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Main Difference Between Live Performance And Movies

Before we get this interesting topic started, I just wanted to say I’m really sorry for not posting something a little bit sooner. It has been like 2 weeks since the first introductory post, and part of that reason is my fault. I know I promised to be very consistent – but just had so much work at our theater (which is good.)

So the topic of today’s article will focus on the main differences between live stage performances (traditional theater) and what we know today as being movies (Hollywood productions.) Some of these are very easy, but what I’m hoping to achieve is strike a nerve in your brains so that you come up with some extra ideas. Of course, I always like hearing those.
I guess kind of the main that thing that makes stage performances and movies different, is the real time factor. When you are on stage as an actor, there is no time for “oops, sorry.” There have been many occasions when people were booed off the stage. You don’t really get that on movies. Although producing a movie costs a lot of money and with every take it costs the production company even more, generally speaking actors can have a few shots there without being very stressed about the whole thing. The problem with real life performances is that the audience is very demanding. Now to be fair, all audiences are demanding, but when somebody pays $20 for his ticket, they expect top notch performance with minimal mistakes. So that puts extra pressure on the actors, who it makes sense, are very nervous during their performance.

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